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15 Dec Zero to Launch (ZTL) Review


Last week, I was in a coffeeshop working on my site. I happened to have my Site Stats open in WordPress.

“Excuse me.”

I turned. A young woman was standing next to me.

“Sorry to bother you. I wasn’t trying to be nosy or anything, but I happened to notice your WordPress traffic.”

She’s been interning at a p.r. firm and has started a blog where the writes about things she’s interested in. Mainly p.r. and a health condition she deals with. Though I don’t think my traffic is particularly impressive, she did, and wanted to know my secrets.

I launched into a number of talking points. Refining your message, guest posting, growing your mailing list. Basically, the drive-by version of Zero To Launch, which I signed up for a few months ago. My lesson kind of morphed into a sales pitch for Zero To Launch.

“There’s all these videos and PDFs, and it’s basically this entire system to follow. It’s working great for me. I used to pay for advertising. Now, I don’t pay a dime for all this traffic. Which you’re apparently impressed by.”

Seeing as how she’s interested in publicity, I showed her the website of one of Zero To Launch’s star students Selena Soo to her.


“You think that’s something. The guy who made the course Ramit Sethi is in another league altogether.”

The lineage was clear. Her-me-Selena-Ramit… From ZERO to capital-L-LAUNCH.

I’m not pretending to be some ZTL All-Star or anything. No doubt I’ve made gains on the program. But here’s the thing about it—and it might not be a thing you want to hear… it’s difficult, really difficult. But in a good way, I think.

I used to (and still do) have an aversion to gimmicks. Get-Rich-Quick type schemes, which the internet is littered with. Zero To Launch never promised shortcuts or crazy profits. It said, here’s a system. It works, but you’ve gotta put in the work, which involves a lot of research, content creation, refining, tweaking, etc. etc. etc.

But there’s honestly something very comforting about being on this linear path. Knowing that I have the same playbook as Selena, and it was developed based on a decade of trial and error on Ramit’s part. If I’m not a star pupil yet, it’s because of me, not the system. The invaluable Zero To Launch Facebook community, overflowing with success stories and breakthroughs, is a constant  reminder of this.

I don’t have a business background, and I don’t have the instincts of  a marketer. I wanted something clear to follow. I was tired of being pulled in a hundred different directions. SEO this, social media that. I wanted the quickest path from zero to launch. Is it quick? No. But it’s the quickest. And so, I have to say, I highly recommend Zero To Launch, but it’s no magic pill, and if you’re expecting a magic pill, you’ll probably be disappointed. But then again, you’ll be disappointed by every system out there, because there is no magic pill.

As for that young woman, I have no idea if she’ll join ZTL or not. But I can say I did my little part to work towards my Zero To Launch All-Star ambitions by adding her to my mailing list. Now if I can just find several hundred thousand or so more to add…

  • Corey Tat
    Posted at 20:08h, 25 July

    I’ve been doing some research into the ZTL program and I really appreciate your honest review of the program.
    There are so many hyped programs that promises overnight riches. What I like about your review is your transparency.
    I never believe in over night success and I too feel like you. I’m tired of being pulled into a 100 different directions and I want a system to show me how to do it A-Z without distractions.

    Thanks again for your honest review