“Thousands of frustrated tears were shed over my personal statement, and yet I wrote nothing. I couldn’t figure out how to start my essay and I spent months trying to force myself to put words together. I figured I needed an outside perspective to help me find my main idea (apart from my mother’s pushing hand) and found Nived on a tutoring website. I was nervous to have someone else help help in fear of losing my voice in my essay, but after spending some time talking to him I felt I could trust him very easily.

We met at a library and immediately went over every little detail of my life— the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nived seemed to have a keen eye for what meant the most to me and was able to pick out what I truly wanted to write about from my cluster of ideas. We began outlining a plan of action and I was excited to start writing for the first time in a very long time.

We would have phone calls going from 7 pm to 2 in the morning, and Nived would stay up until I felt 100% satisfied with what I wrote. He would joke with me and make me comfortable, and ultimately: he made me confident in my ability to write.

Through my experience with him, I was able to get closure with grudges I had been holding onto for years; I had breakthroughs in my personal life due to the fact that I could put my feelings into words. I am beyond proud of the essays I wrote with Nived and his help allowed me to write incredible essays that opened many doors for me.

Nived is a laid-back genius who understands the way a students mind thinks and his perspective helped me take a nonsensical whirlwind of ideas and construct an organized, intelligent, and inspiring essay. I will recommend him to anyone I meet searching for help with their personal statement because there is no way I could have done such an amazing job without his help.”

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