“I am currently applying for higher studies in U.S.A. but like many other students, I was concerned about how to write a great SOP. I had the idea but there was huge lack of good writing skill. So, I thought maybe if I can get a professional writer, then my problem would be solved. Hence, I was searching for someone like this and one day from facebook, I found Nived Ravikumar- the Statement Guru. I visited his website and learned about his services. At first glance, I thought it would be impossible for me to afford his service but then I found he gives huge discount to South Asian students. So, it was affordable for me but there was one last major problem. From every source of SOP guidelines, I learned that the main quality of a good SOP is its originality. I was worried about the fact that since Nived writes SOP for many students every day, so he might use a common template for every one which would severely destroy the originality of the SOP. However, I took a risk and gave him my draft. After a few days, he prepared my SOP and I was simply amazed when I saw it. It was the same SOP from top to bottom with some additional sentences but the quality of writing was of very high standard. He kept my ideas everywhere but however, managed to transform it into a top quality SOP. By top quality SOP, I don’t mean that there were hard, unknown GRE words everywhere. The sentence structures were very good and there were good organization of ideas. While doing my work, he constantly exchanged his ideas with me and gave me several drafts and asked my opinion about the writing. When I was satisfied, he gave me the final draft. In sum, I am very happy with his work. I hope my SOP will have some great impact in getting admission. Thanks Nived.”


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