06 Oct Confessions of a Statement Guru Client (Unedited)


“So, I was desperate for some help with my personal statement and naturally where did i turn to? Yup, Yelp. At this point, I dont even remember what i searched under, but interestingly enough i found “statementguru.” I called him up and we spoke for a while over the phone and we discussed what I may need help with. Honestly, the whole thing made me very suspicious. Here is this guy, supposedly, “the statement guru,” wanting to charge me so much money for a one page personal statement! And how was I supposed to know he was going to match my expectations? I was skeptical. Nived asked me to send him a draft of my (unfinished) paper and he told me he would provide free feedback. I liked that. Within a few days, he sent me his comments on my paper, and right there, i knew i had found the help i was looking for. His comments were succinct and right on the dot. 

We met up at a coffee shop and literally talked for three hours! In the beginning, I was still a little suspicious of him and just the entire situation all together. I mean, I had never actually “hired” someone to help me with a paper before! But after spending some time, it was so obvious that Nived is such a nice guy. Very chill, and at the same time, very intelligent. After our meeting, he had a better understanding of who I am, and from there was able to thoroughly guide me in the right direction with my paper. 

After our first encounter, we communicated through Skype and over the phone as well. Even when he was super busy, because actually at that time, he was a student at Harvard, he always made himself available to me, and always with a smile and in good spirits.  We worked together on editing, polishing and revising. Slowly but surely, my paper went from mediocre, to outstanding. Nived helped me eloquently convey in my paper what I wanted to convey, but had difficulty doing myself. He stuck by my side, helping me and supporting me, until i was completely satisfied with the finished product. Believe me, I am certainly not an easy person to please! I was so particular with everything I wanted to the point I was probably driving the poor guy crazy! haha But he never complained. Rather, we laughed about it and worked on it some more. So..basically what I am saying is, after about 4,000 revisions(due to my psychosis), my paper was AWESOME. 

Not only did i meet a remarkable writer, but i made a really nice friend as well. Thank you Nived. You are awesome. You are sweet, helpful and just a good guy. Im so glad I found you! :)”


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