If you are from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Nepal, congratulations! Cumulatively, you make up half of my clients. I have an excellent understanding of the culture of South Asia, as my parents are from there, and I have traveled there several times.
But having been born and raised in the United States, I have native proficiency of the English language. Additionally, I am professional writer, both of screenplays and of web copy. I initially targeted only the Los Angeles area when I first started my admissions essay business. As I expanded internationally, I paid special attention to South Asia.
Why South Asia? Because people are moving from there to the US in unprecedented numbers, especially to study in the STEM disciplines. And a degree from a good US university nearly guarantees employment and visa sponsorship.
If you are one of those ambitious hopefuls who dreams of a life in the US, you must make your application as strong as possible. US universities place a lot of importance on the Statement of Purpose. If you work with me, Statement Guru, you'll have the confidence of knowing it will be the best it possibly can be.


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