About This Service

The Statement Guru Brainstorm Clinic is so effective, I’m adapting it into my first online course.


It should come to no surprise to you that finding the perfect essay topic is the single-most important step in the essay creation process. Yet it’s also the most neglected step. This is because most applicants don’t know how to brainstorm. And even if they did, the ability to go from idea to thesis statement to outline is still a vexing task.


With my Brainstorm Clinic service, I will conduct a two-hour interview with you over  Skype (in-person available for Los Angeles residents). During this session, I will help you discover your perfect essay topic. Then, with this topic in mind, I will write up and send you a Follow-Up Outline that will give you paragraph-to-paragraph instructions of what information to include when you’re writing the draft.


With the Brainstorm Clinic, the concept done is done. The structure done. You just need to add words.


Once I receive payment, I will contact you to set up your Brainstorm Clinic session. If you have any questions, get in touch via the About/Contact page.

497 USD