Face it: online education is the future. Here’s some simple math to see why…


Let’s estimate that each university has a size of 1000 acres. Let’s say there’s 200 top universities in the world, since many rankings go with that number. That means there’s 200,000 acres worth of top educational space in the world.


Sounds like a lot, but consider that there’s 36,794,240,000 acres in the world, that means only .0005% of Earth is top university. Okay, I realize this isn’t the most scientific way of concluding online education is the future. Just trust me. It is.


As an educator, I plan to stay ahead of the curve with my own offerings, aimed at helping you craft the best admissions essay possible.


(A still from test footage I shot)

My first online course will focus on brainstorming. Coming up with the perfect essay topic is the single-most important step in the process. Choose the right one, and it’s smooth sailing. Choose the wrong one, and it’s a shipwreck waiting to happen.


As I’m developing this course, it would be immensely valuable to hear from you. Do you struggle to think of creative ideas? How do you get inspired? You can e-mail me directly at nived@statementguru.com.