12 Feb My First Podcast (Podcast Episode #1)


I’m excited to announce the very first episode of the Statement Guru podcast is now up! I was lucky to land a great guest in Li Lin, TOEFL/ESL tutor who runs The Successful Immigrant. Li discusses her inspiring journey from awkward immigrant to successful educator and businesswoman. She offers great TOEFL-taking tips and advice for new immigrants in the US along the way.

As Li mentions in the podcast, Statement Guru listeners/readers get a 10% discount on all Successful Immigrant services. Just make sure you mention my name when getting in touch with her.

I hope to interview more luminaries in the fields of education and business, so if you are one or you know one who would be willing to chat on Skype with me, please let me know at contact@statementguru.com.

Without further ado, here’s Li and me:

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