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Statement Guru is global. In addition to North America, I’ve worked with applicants in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. They all have the same thing in common: a desire to get into the academic program that will ensure a lifetime of success.

If you look at any ranking of international universities, you’ll notice a disproportionate amount are in the United States. In an increasingly globalized world, the world has taken notice of this fact, resulting in an unprecedented amount of applications to top-flight American universities.

As a prospective international student, you owe it to yourself to submit the strongest application possible. The hard part is all the grueling exams you took to fill out your transcript, the tireless research work to earn that letter of recommendation, those summers you spent volunteering when you could’ve been at the beach.

The easy part? Believe it or not, the admissions essay. As long as you work with me, it will be the single easiest part of your application. But don’t let its ease be mistaken for ineffectiveness. Your Statement Guru-approved essay WILL be your application’s secret weapon.


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