13 Aug How to Write Emails

Writing emails has become a necessity for the modern person. Whether RSVP-ing to an event or exchanging business information, it is imperative to know how to write a decent email. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who write emails as if they were texting someone. This is only somewhat acceptable if you know the person well, and they are familiar with the colloquial way you write. For the purpose of this “how to” article, I will be focusing more on how to write a formal/business email.

Here’s a question for you: how many of you have email accounts with an overflowing inbox? This seems to be a very common problem. People tend to completely ignore emails from advertisers, people they are not familiar with, or shopping sites. My first tip is to title the subject of your email appropriately. In an overflowing inbox, only the emails with eye-catching subject titles will lure the desired recipient’s eye. For instance: if you are sending in an application or resume, do not simply title your email “application.” No! This will do nothing to catch your recipient’s eye! Consider the fact that hundreds of people online are probably applying for the same position you are, and their information will be sent through email, too. Keep your subject title simple, to the point, and eye-catching. Something like “John Doe’s Resume Regarding New Senior Management Position,” should do the trick. This example states exactly what the proposed email will be about so that the recipient will have a clear idea of what to expect when they read the email.

The next step to writing a professional email is to always write as if you were addressing a very important person. If you are writing to someone you do not not know, try and be formal, yet conversational. You don’t want their first written impression of you to be pompous, but you also want them to hear your voice a little as they read. Remember: when you are introduced to new people, you are very polite and friendly, be like that in your emails as well. Once you get to know the person more, you might get a feeling as to how to converse with them in a more common manner.

The last step is to always proofread your emails! I cannot express how important it is to use spellcheck. Would you turn in an important essay without proofreading it? I would hope not… Also, do not use slang terms or abbreviations. I would h8 4 u 2b overlooked bcuz u write like a 13 y.o. girl!

These 3 simple rules for writing a proper email can be used by anyone. Follow these easy steps and you will sound professional, dignified, and stand out amongst the hundreds of other people that appear in your recipient’s inbox. Good luck, and happy typing!


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