24 Aug You + Free Ticket to Dream College Summit = Admissions Success

This one is mostly for the high schoolers, but you graduate school hopefuls out there will get plenty of mileage out of this, too.

A year ago, my friend Jessica Yeager of Impress the Ivies asked me to participate in an online event she was organizing. Her idea was to get the best admissions professionals to share their tips and insights into the college applications process. Me, her and a dozen or so such experts joined forces to create the Dream College Summit. The event had a ton of sign-ups and the response was very positive.

I imagined the Dream College Summit as a one-time event, since it seemed impossible to top that roster of experts. But Jessica, being the smartie Harvard and MIT grad that she is, is back with Dream College Summit 2.0 with over 25 (!) of the top admissions pros you’ll find anywhere. Including me. And magically, you can get free access to this event, if you act now!

Dream College Summit runs from August 28-31. It’s the first-ever online event where 25+ expert speakers (including ME!) are presenting on how to prepare, apply and get your student into their dream college AND pay for it.

Joining me are experts like:

Shaan Patel, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, Alexis Avila, Jodi Okun, Ethan Sawyer, Lauren Gaggioli, Neelam Sethi, Nate Turner, Dr. Shirag Shemmassian and Ms. Sun.

Here’s the link to your free ticket!

Jessica took everything from last year’s Dream College Summit and made it even better with more speakers, more topics and more value. This is the first time all these speakers have ever been together in one place.

And you can get the ideas and systems they spent years discovering without paying anything.

There’s just one catch: Jessica only wants me to give tickets to readers who take action.

If you’re checking this out for entertainment, it’s probably not for you.

But if you want to finally figure out a clear plan to help you or someone you know into their dream college, and give yourself/them the potential to create the best possible application… then I think this is the perfect event for that!


P.S.: Here’s that link again.

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