11 Jan The Bracelet

Two days ago, I went shopping with my friend. Afterwards, she was planning to meet an old friend for lunch. I was told that I could join them if I behave. I like lunch, so I agreed. The old friend was this perky, cheery wannabe...

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New year’s resolutions! It's that time of the year again where everyone is filled with vigor, energy, hope and the belief that this year will be THE YEAR. I’m gonna make some resolutions and stick with it this time, no matter what the obstacles are. ...

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18 Dec A Smile and a Handshake

Whenever you meet someone new, you smile, extend your hand, then introduce yourself - "Hello, I’m Francois" or whatever your name is. What's the other person thinking? Probably something along the lines of… “Francois seems like a nice enough guy. I’d like to get to know more...

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