Nived Ravikumar, Guru-in-Chief 



Nived took a pretty unusual path to essay educator extraordinaire. Born and raised in Southern California, he became obsessed with movies at a young age. In high school, he became so preoccupied with writing screenplays that he barely studied for his classes. Full disclosure: he totally phoned in his own college admissions essays! He still managed to get into a top 40 school (UC Santa Barbara) where he majored in Film Studies (B.A.). He further developed his visual storytelling and screenwriting proficiency at the top 10 film school Chapman University (M.F.A in Film Production). As he continued to write screenplays, he found additional uses for his writing talent, like Content Writer for a viral marketing firm, Ads Quality Rater for Google, Newsletter Editor for the Indian Film Festival of LA.


Nived’s talent for writing was so apparent that his graduate school-bound peers actually started coming up to him and asking him for help on their admissions essays. After a couple successful run-throughs, a light bulb went on over his head as he realized he was amazingly good at this. But it was no accident. The screenwriting prowess that he had obsessively cultivated over the years is what gave him the clarity and deep-level understanding of storytelling principles that fueled his talent for essays. His Mensa IQ helped, too.


You can probably imagine the rest — more happy clients across the globe, more sophisticated essay writing techniques, better web design. Nived is unique among essay tutors in that he works with anyone anywhere applying to any program. Undergrad, grad, law, medicine, nursing, fine arts, engineering… simply different genres, as far as the essay is concerned. Its job ultimately remains the same: Tell a great story! Involve readers! Get them to care!


So, you see, whenever another client gets into their dream school, it can truly be called a Hollywood Ending!


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